Freelance Remuda fills first offering of Mentorship Program


Recently, we took to American Horse Publications to announce that the first offering of our new Mentorship Program is FULL. That's right, full! Read on as posted on AHP! 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2018

The Freelance Remuda fills first offering of Mentorship Program

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – In less than one month, the Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program booked full. In January 2018, veteran freelance professionals Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars launched The Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program for aspiring freelance communicators and those wishing to grow a freelance business.

Aspiring mentees that did not have the opportunity to sign up for the first limited offering still have the chance to participate in a future session, beginning in the summer. Mentees can select one of three mentorship plans, which vary from one-time sessions to long-term learning programs, and cover ropics including goal setting, pitch and portfolio review, and brand and marketing advice.

The popularity of the Mentorship Program surpassed Bradley Byars’ and Boatwright’s early expectations.

“We are thrilled to work with the first group of mentees, who are both established and aspiring equine media professionals,” Boatwright said. “While we do not claim to have all the answers, the mentorship program is a wonderful way for creatives to outline a business plan, better prepare pitches and receive constructive criticism and feedback that will help them achieve their dream of working as a freelance professional.”

Anna Sochocky, writer/photographer/aspriring book author, of Equi-Libris LLC, took advantage of the branding and pitch review offerings in an individual session. The Mentorship Program is not a “talk once and walk away” sort of work session. Following her Skype session, Sochocky sent pitches for review prior to sending them on to editors.

“I contacted the Freelance Remuda for feedback on my new website and several draft pitches,” Sochocky said. “My time spent on Skype with Abigail and Kate was time very well spent. The feedback [was] thorough and creative. I recommend anyone, whether new to the world of equine magazines or not, to engage the Freelance Remuda team!”

The mentorship program continues to accept a limited number of mentees, with sessions starting for a second mentee class in summer 2018.

In 2017, The Freelance Remuda Podcast produced 26 episodes for freelance professionals looking to navigate the equine media frontier. Quarterly podcasts will continue to educate and inform the freelance community in 2018. In addition, the Freelance Remuda consists of a Facebook page providing an online community for freelance professionals, and aspiring freelancers, to share ideas, tips and business opportunities.

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About The Freelance Remuda

The Freelance Remuda was founded by veteran freelance professionals Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars. Beginning with The Freelance Remuda Podcast, which explores the trials and triumphs surrounding life as a freelancer in equine media, while sharing valuable tips from equine media editors and creatives doing what they love; Abigail and Kate also offer a mentorship program for aspiring freelancers in equine media. The dictionary lists a remuda as: re•mu•da (noun): a herd of horses that have been saddle-broken from which ranch hands choose their mounts for the day. The goal of The Freelance Remuda is to help train up a herd of professionals specializing in equine media, from which editors and businesses can hire to do great work. Find and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and for more information on The Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program, go to

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