The Freelance Remuda community


We’re passionate about horses, obsessed with media and we love to tell stories with words and photos. As freelancers, we know the value of professionalism and the importance of connections. And, we have a thirst for improving our craft. That’s why we decided to form The Freelance Remuda.

We want to give you the knowledge and tools to join us in elevating equine media. Because when we help each other, everyone benefits. In 2018, we launch The Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program, a direct, personal way for us to help freelance professionals elevate their business. 

The Freelance Remuda Podcast, where we talk with fellow freelancers about challenges and triumphs of navigating the equine media landscape, is still available. Quarterly episodes will continue our discussions with editors regarding what makes a sought-after freelance professional, and other industry topics. 

Life can be interesting as a freelancer in the equine industry, but you're not alone! Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and join us!

- Abigail Boatwright & Kate Bradley Byars