Interview Insights: Ask the right question, the right way

Ever wonder why adults keep answering the incessant toddler's questioning of "why?" It is because the toddler asks an open-ended question that is requesting more information. Reporters can be viewed as that same pesky questioner. However, asking the right question the right way can get your subject talking more and requires you to ask fewer questions. With a carefully crafted question, you can get much more than a "yes" or "no" answer from your source--which not only helps you get more information, but you'll also have an easier time finding good quotes for your story.

Here, freelance professional Jill Dunkel and her daughter, Sidney, give us a real-life example of how to get a more detailed response from your subject. Sidney is well coached in answering questions and has a good deal of experience, having won several titles in versatility ranch horse competitions.


Here's the link:

Thank you, Jill and Sidney! Find out more about Sidney's wins in this American Quarter Horse Journal article.


Abigail Boatwright