Pick a conference that wants YOU!

Each year, thousands of media professionals flock to a continuing education seminar, conference or workshop. Whether you're looking for one right down the road or across the country, we bet you can find a conference to suit your professional goals. If you're having a hard time choosing which event to attend, we recommend weeding through the "exciting" events to find one that works for you, offers information you need and want, and will help push your business to the next level. 

Here, we talk to two event coordinators about their agriculture media events. 

American Horse Publications Executive Director Chris Brune lists five benefits for freelancers to attend the AHP Equine Media Conference and Awards.

1. Gain a new client
“I'm happy to say that I picked them up as a client thanks to AHP and meeting them at last year's seminar...and thanks to a recommendation from another AHP member.” Sarah Conrad, Freelance member

2. Networking with valuable business contacts in the equine industry

3. Meeting and sharing with fellow equine freelancers

4. Pitching ideas to equine publishing media

5. Learning new techniques, getting motivated, recharging resources

For more on the AHP Equine Media Conference, visit: http://bit.ly/2onNADa .


Livestock Publications Council Executive Director Diane Johnson says freelancers can achieve high-level networking at the Ag Media Summit, a joint event held with the American Agriculture Editor's Association. 

"It's the largest communications event with ag professionals and includes professional development sessions for self-improvement and more," Johnson says. "Benefits of attending AMS?  Networking, networking, networking!"

Whether it is writing, photography, graphic design, sales or other topics, these are just some of the things in which you can gain knowledge and meet others who have the same issues or challenges that you do. Also, Johnson says it's a way to see other parts of the country with your friends through the tours which are designed to showcase the location.

For more, visit http://agmediasummit.com


Abigail Boatwright