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Read how joining AHP can advance your equine media career!

It's no surprise that Abigail and I promote membership in professional organizations that allow you to network and be part of a collaborative group. Whether it is  American Horse Publications, Livestock Publications Council or a local photography group, gathering with like-minded creatives will help your career. Today, we want to share how taking part in American Horse Publications as a student member bolstered a few well-known media professionals to achieve their writing dreams. 


Senior Director of MemberCare & Publications, American Paint Horse Association
"I first learned about AHP when I was hunting for an internship as a college student—a web search led me to AHP’s fantastic listing of internship opportunities, and I queried several. One of those was to Summer Best, a former student award winner herself who was then working as editor for Seminole Feeds’ publication; I chatted with her about an internship and she told me more about AHP and encouraged me to apply for the Student Award Contest. I did so, and was selected as the winner in 2003. At my first AHP Seminar, I was welcomed with open arms by the equine media family—here I was, a starry-eyed college student, meeting some of my favorite equine publishing icons in real life. Wow! I LOVED the AHP seminar and soaked up knowledge from the seminars and real-world advice from people I met. At that seminar, I made invaluable connections with folks from across the equine publishing landscape, which led to my first freelance assignments. Later, when I applied for my first job at the Paint Horse Journal, had not only published work samples but also the AHP name recognition and esteem as a student award winner. I truly appreciate everything that resulted from my participation in AHP as a student and encourage all students with a passion for equine media—in any format—to get involved with this organization." 


Senior Editor, Western Horseman
"Winning the American Horse Publications' student award gave me an opportunity to meet editors and publishers from equine publications all over the United States. Keep in mind, when I was a student, there wasn't a student membership program. At that time I never realized there were so many equine-related publications out there. The contacts I made led to internships and eventually jobs and a long and rewarding career in equine media."


Bianca McCarty - AHP Student Award Travel Winner 2016
Bianca McCarty Equine Photography

"I became a student member at American Horse Publications in 2016, when I found out about its Student Award Program, which enables the finalists to travel to the annual AHP Seminar. At the time I was pursuing my Bachelors degree in Business, but I had already completed a Photography degree prior to that and was trying to establish my business in the industry. Before joining AHP, I had a few publications under my belt and no idea how to break into the market. Competing in the Student Award Program and participating in the annual seminar had given me the tools and connections I required in order to become a freelance photographer. At the time, I didn’t even know where and how I could fit in, and how I could incorporate my passion, horses, into my profession as a photographer. But during the seminar I had the chance to talk to the judges, editors, past student award winners, and many other professionals, and they have since then shaped my path toward a career in equine publishing. I left the seminar with my first assignment to write a travel feature which also incorporated a photo essay of mine. Shortly after, one opportunity after another started coming up, and I have since then consistently published work in my favorite magazines.

The advice I would like to give new student members, is to be prepared and to research workshops offered during the seminar as well as who will be attending the seminar. Don’t just think about what you want to get out of it, but also try to find out how you and your skills can be valuable to others. The collaboration part is enormous in this field and will get you a long way. To get the most out of the workshops, it is helpful to research the speakers and tailor your day to the areas you need to improve. I always attend writing classes, because that is the skills I need to sharpen the most. Don’t be afraid to engage in new conversations, that’s what networking events are there for. And lastly, don’t fret the competition. If you are one of the finalists or attending the seminar on your own, you’ve already made it. I won runner up in 2016 and still left with so many awesome connections, great memories, and a new best friend. I can highly recommend joining AHP and attending the annual seminar to jump start your career in equine publishing."

Recently, AHP announced the next Student Award Contest. Below is the press release. If you're a student, please consider entering. If you know students with a desire to enter the equine media industry, please share the information with them. Here is their chance to get a leg up in our great community! 

An Opportunity for Students to Reach their Dreams of a Career in Equine Media through the AHP Student Award Contest

NOVEMBER 8, 2017- American Horse Publications knows all about students with a passion for horses and equine media. The AHP Student Award program, which began in 1993, was initiated to promote awareness to students of the career opportunities available in equine publishing. “AHP’s involvement with students is a rewarding experience for both the students and the association,” says AHP Executive Director Chris Brune. “Not only does it offer students a chance to learn about a career they may be passionate about, but it has also given equine publishing a long list of talented young people who are an asset to our industry.”

The 2018 AHP Student Award Contest recognizes the talents of students by awarding up to three $750 travel awards to attend the AHP Annual Equine Media Conference on June 14-16, 2018. Travel Award winners have an opportunity to meet leading equine publishing professionals and discuss career possibilities during the three days of educational sessions and related networking activities. One Travel Award winner will be selected at the conference as the 2018 Student Award winner and receive a cash award of $1,000. 

AHP offers other opportunities for students including Student membership available to high school, college, and graduate students for annual dues of $25, and the AHP Internship Program, which offers college students an opportunity to intern at equine publishing media or businesses and gain valuable hands-on work experience. 

If you know a student who could benefit from the AHP Student Award Contest, please encourage them to apply for this award. 

2018 AHP Student Award applications and guidelines are available Eligible applicants are required to send a completed application form plus additional information by January 19, 2018.

For more information on American Horse Publications and its programs, visit or contact: Judy Lincoln AHP Student Program Coordinator, (386) 760-7743; E-mail:

American Horse Publications is a professional association of over 500 equine-related publishing media, professionals, associations, and businesses. Established in 1970, AHP has continued to promote better relationships and communication within the equine media industry. Started in 1993, the AHP Student Award program was initiated to promote awareness of the career opportunities available to students.

Application Deadline Date is January 19, 2018